Money Services

Listed below are the money services offered by partner vendors through the Enterprise Edition check cashing software. Each of them provide a distinct and valuable money service leveraging partnerships with industry leaders and can be added at any time per your service agreement.

Secure Check Cashing Check Guarantee
Check Guarantee

This service has been designed as an option to guarantee checks instantly at the time of your transaction. The software gathers the required transaction and customer information through the regular transaction process and securely transmits that information to our service partner for approval.

Secure Check Cashing Electronic Check Deposits (CHECK 21)
Electronic Check Deposits (CHECK 21)

This service allows business to deposit and clear all checks cashed electronically to their bank. The images are scanned during the check cashing procedure and the deposit process is seamless. There is no need for other hardware devices or any secondary scans.


Secure Check Cashing MoneyGram

Moneygram is integrated directly with our Enterprise software allowing you to use one system to perform all of your check cashing, wire transfers, and money order services. All transactional data is captured within the check cashing POS for direct and single source record keeping.

Secure Check Cashing Bill Payment
Bill Payment

Bill Payment is offered through your check cashing software's POS and allows merchants to pay bills for customers directly through the software. The seamless service with CheckFreePay is very easy to set-up and easier to learn. Payments can be processed for national billers, local utilities and even Visa and MasterCard.

Secure Check Cashing Prepaid Debit Cards
Prepaid Debit Cards

Partnering with NexisCard and NetSpend, SCCS provides the ability through the interface to sell and load money on debit cards. This pays a commission to you in various ways and gives your customers a no-cash option when cashing checks.





Secure Check Cashing Gift Card Redemption
Gift Card Redemption

The gift card industry provides an easy means to let recipients decide what gift they want. However, many times the card goes unused. This service allows you buy back the card for a percentage of its current value and earn a commission on that transaction. As an agent for this services, your store will be listed on the program redemption centers list.

Secure Check Cashing PIN-Less Phone Cards
PIN-Less Phone Cards

Merchants are able to issue phone and wireless minutes for all major carriers including

T- Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless and dozens of other carriers at great discounts. Especially for customers making overseas phone calls, time can be purchased for a phone eliminating the need for a Pin when using it. Also, additional time can be added to prepay phones both domestic and international. Again this service is offered seamlessly through the check cashing system POS.

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