Below we have gathered a list of helpful resources that we believe will benefit you in running your business. These resources include State and Federal compliance information and other helpful websites.

Compliance Laws and Regulations

Get Federal and State compliance information and license application requests.

Currency Transaction Report (CTR)

FINCEN Form 104 Currency Transaction Report Form from the US Department of the Treasury. If a customer cashes more than $10,000 worth of checks in a single day this form is required by law. Includes instructions and send to address.

Requirements & Device Compatibility List

A compiled list of hardware that has been confirmed to work in our software for different operating systems. For reference purposes only, always see your hardware manufacturers website for complete details.

Federal Treasury Check Security Features

A government provided document that explains the security features on U.S. Treasury Checks.

Federal Treasury Check Verificaion

Free Service offered by U.S. Treasury to verify that a Treasury check is valid and has not been cashed.

YouTube Tutorial Videos

Watch our YouTube tutorial videos.

Scanshell 800N Calibration Papers

Print calibration papers for your Scanshell 800N ID Scanner.

Scanshell 800R Calibration Papers

Print calibration papers for your Scanshell 800R ID Scanner.

Splashtop Streamer

Download and install Splashtop Streamer to provide Secure Check Cashing access.


Secure Check Cashing software thrives to meet all state and federal compliance regulations and is constantly pushing out update to keep up with new changes. Below we have gathered a list of state links that will provide necessary state compliance information.

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