Beyond a streamlined and easy-to-use interface, our check cashing module is engineered to accommodate various types of check cashing businesses making it the perfect product for a single-unit store or a multi-location, high-volume operation.

CheckMate® SCC Online Check Network

CheckMate© Online Check Network

This check verification service matches each check cashed at any merchant location against our entire check database.

This insures the exact check has never been previously cashed at any of our participating locations. If the check returns an identical match of key fields, you have a CheckMate. The merchant is then notified of the match and is presented the check data from the matched transaction.

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Online Bank Account Verification

Bank Account Verification

This is one of our most popular services. It allows users to confirm that bank accounts exist and are valid.

A score will be returned to the merchant for each account run through the on-line verification service. This score is only a guide and is never a guarantee of the check, it is only reported information associated to that bank account. The data, which is updated daily, is a collection of bank account data from participating banks all over the country.

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Automatic Bank Routing Number Reversal

Automatic Bank Reversal

Each cash checked through our system will be cross referenced to ensure the routing number read from the check matches the correct bank.

Routing numbers are unique to banks so each one can only belong to its routed financial institution. If the check does not match the bank, it is fraudulent.

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Check Validation - Endorse checks with customer information

Any transaction can also be printed on the back of the check.

For most check cashers, this creates a powerful and valuable means of collection. The information generally placed on the back of the check is the picture, fingerprint, date, and time stamp. This feature has proven to be extremely valuable with local police departments and banks to enforce payment or prosecute fraud.

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Multi-Store Network Capability

Multi-Store Network Capability

Our hosted customers have the built in capability to network their systems across multiple locations.

Data Sharing and reporting for these locations becomes easily accessible over the web. Hosting also includes several other advantages including real-time data sharing, data back-up and redundancy, and access to the Corporate Management Suite.

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Convert data from most softwares and databases

Database Conversion

We can convert other company’s check cashing data to be used within Enterprise.

By filtering an existing database of another check cashing program through our unique transfer tools, our technicians can make virtually any known check cashing database accessible through our check cashing platform. This is highly valuable to new customers who had been using competing software, as they can now use Secure Check Cashing without losing any historical customer or check data.

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Expandable across several stations and locations.

Expandable - Multi-Hardware Supported

Our software works with a number of different hardware options.

Our software also has integrated hardware capability with most common check scanners, ID scanners, fingerprint readers, cash registers, and many more.
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