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Welcome to Secure check cashing, inc.

Our check cashing solutions combine ease-of-use and flexibility with the most comprehensive security options in the business. Additionally our products are routinely updated to insure compliance with both State and Federal laws and regulations.

Our customer base includes:

- Convenience Stores

- Banks

- Supermarkets

- Casinos

- Financial Service Centers

- Pawn Shops

- Gas Stations

- Specialty Stores

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Our Number One Priority

We develop and maintain 100% of our products and services. There is no outsourcing. All customers are ensured the highest level of service due to direct access with our knowledgeable and technical staff.

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What do we have to offer?

Enterprise Edition

Combines ease-of-use, flexibility, and security with a multitude of other integrated money services. The gold-standard of the industry.

Desktop Edition

Modeled after a POS system, very easy to operate and easier to learn. Time tested and customer proven for over eight years.

Why Secure Check Cashing?

  • Reduce Bad Checks
  • Provide Business Security
  • Keep Your Business Compliant
  • Monitor Your Employees
  • Provide Extensive Reports
  • Issue Other Money Services
  • Increase Your Checks Cashed!